Monday, November 26, 2018

Melvil Mondays: 700-709

We're all the way to the 700-709s today-- "The arts." There's a lot of wild, wacky, and beautiful stuff in the 700s, and today we start out by looking at the first few "standard subdivisions" sections.

* 700 - Standard subdivisions of the arts, including decimal classes for philosophy and theory of the arts and even computer applications that are "used as a technique to support traditional techniques in the arts."
700.1 F85
But is it Art?: An Introduction to Art Theory
by Cynthia A. Freeland

700.103 P76
Politics, Gender, and the Arts: Women, the Arts, and Society
edited by Ronald Dotterer and Susan Bowers

* 701 - Philosophy and theory (of fine and decorative arts... just tack that onto the end of all of these categories!)

701.15 K91
Creative Sparks
by Jim Krause
* 702 - Miscellany

* 703 - Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances

* 704 - Special topics, including ethnic and national groups and iconography

704.0392 S44j
Jewish Art
by Gabrielle Sed-Rajna
* 705 - Serial publications

* 706 - Organizations and management

* 707 - Education, research, and related topics

* 708 - Galleries, museums, and private collections

* 709 - History, geographic treatment, and biography

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