Monday, November 19, 2018

Melvil Mondays: 600-609

We're running out of Mondays for the semester! This week we explore the 600-609 section, which is a relatively slim segment of our collection.

The 600s are for Technology (Applied sciences). This includes a great many things, and we sometimes refer to the 600s as the "catch all" block of the Dewey Decimal System. Much of it has to do with mechanical engineering, which is of course not a program that is or that has been offered at SHU. As a result, we only have a few shelves' worth of books in this call number range.

* 600: "Class here inventions."

How Things Work: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Technology
Translated from the German original, Wie Funktioniert Das? by George Allen

* 601: Philosophy and theory
* 602: Miscellany (the catch-all section of the catch-all section-- the true junk drawer of the DDC)
* 603: Dictionaries and other reference materials
* 604: "Technical drawing, hazardous materials technology; groups of people"

Hazardous Materials Chemistry
by Armando S. Bevelacqua
604.7 B57
* 605: Serial publications
* 606: Organizations
* 607: "Education, research, related topics"
* 608: Patents
* 609: History (like industrial archaeology), geographic treatment (of industry, production, and the related economics), and biographies of inventors and/or patentees

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