Thursday, April 3, 2014

A look back

As we prepare to move forward into the next chapter of the Seton Hill Library, let's take a minute to look back! The academy/college/university's library has grown, moved, and changed a lot in the last 125 years.

Many thanks to the SHU Archives for all of the research and images.

The original Academy Library in Admin 311, 1889-1896

The College Library in 1922; it was located in present-day Maura 128, 129, & 130
(check out the catwalk!)

The Reference Library in 1930 in what is now Admin 206
(we still have a few of those chairs!)

Here's the General College Library in 1934. Recognize the location? It's Maura 230, 
better known today as the President's office.

1950's iPod (the listening table in the General Library)

Construction began on the present building in 1956.

The college conferred its first honorary degrees in Reeves on October 28, 1956.

This year isn't the first time that the student library workers have had to strip shelves and move books! These girls are pulling the books from Maura to move to the 
new location in Reeves, September 1958.

The books heading to their new home; we'll be moving them in other direction in a few weeks!

The General Reading Room in 1958. See that desk on the right? 
I'm sitting at it right now as I type this blog post!

The Browsing Room in 1977. This is roughly where the main entrance is located at present.

How Reeves appeared from 1958-1987. Notice where the entrance (and ground!) used to be. 

The building was renovated before, in 1987. Here are books on the floor, waiting to be reshelved.

The General Reading Room, 1988 (look familiar?)

And here's how we looked in 2013.

And that brings us to the present day. 2014 is going to add yet another new set of images to the history of the Seton Hill Library!

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