Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Spring Training

While the Major League Baseball teams may not have reported for Spring Training just yet, our Griffin baseball team is hard at work (good luck, guys!).

Most people probably assume that Seton Hill didn’t field a male baseball team until the university became coed in 2002. Actually, baseball on the Hill goes back a bit farther than that.

In 1889, St. Mary’s School for Boys was moved from Saint Mary’s Convent in Blairsville to Seton Hill, into the old Stokes Mansion. From 1908-1914, the boys were housed in the brand-new Maura Hall.

Here’s the 1911 St. Mary’s baseball team.

Looking fierce, lads.

The St. Mary’s School for Boys was discontinued in 1927, and St. Mary Hall became home to the Home Ec program.

Thanks to Bill Black in the Archives for the photos! More information about Saint Mary’s School can be found at

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