Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Indoor Recreation-- Bowling

Last week we looked at how students have enjoyed the outdoors in the winter months, but sometimes you just don’t want to venture outside. On those cold, rainy, or otherwise blah days, SHC students could head to the Sullivan bowling lanes if they felt like staying active.

This shot appeared in the Setonian and shows students bowling in 1940.

Three more girls continuing the tradition in the 1950’s.

This clipping from a 1962 Setonian shows the “duck pins” at the end of the lane and also gives us a peek at how pins used to be cleared away and reset back before there were magical electronic “arms” to do it for us!

Thanks, as always, to the Seton Hill Archives for the snaps and stories.

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  1. We had a duck pin bowling alley in West Newton when I was growing up. Being a "pin boy" was often a first job for teenagers.