Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A rough moving timeline

We've had a lot going on at Reeves over the past year, but the biggest changes are still to come! While the heavy construction work to remodel the building's main floor will be taking place over the summer, some significant steps will be happening between now and May.

The best-laid plans gang aft agley, but here are some approximate dates for the steps that will most impact the campus community:

February 28th-- 
Weeding will conclude. The books will then be "shifted" one final time to assess how many sections of shelving are still needed to hold the print collection.

March 17th-- 
Most of the library plants will need new (permanent) homes. If you are interested in adopting a plant, please contact Dr. David Stanley.

Downstairs shelving will begin going up in the former periodicals room and in the storage area behind Harlan Gallery.

April 25--
The children's room collections are closed for boxing and moving to temporary storage (more info).

April 30--
The rest of the physical collections are closed to new borrowing so it can be prepped and moved to its new location (more info).

Library staff offices will be moved to their "summer home" in the former Harlan Gallery space.

Renovation of the main floor of the building will take place to transform the space into a collaborative Learning Commons model (more info to follow in a few days-- stay tuned to the blog).

Library staff relocates to their permanent office location on the main floor.

Stay tuned to the blog for more details and information! We will have posts going up in the next several days about the new building layout and the new shelving. As details and dates become more concrete, we will make sure to publicize them here and will link especially significant information on Griffin's Lair.

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