Wednesday, April 2, 2014

IMPORTANT: Collection "boxing" dates

To ensure that renovations of the main floor of Reeves can happen on-schedule, the print and other physical collections are going to be unavailable for borrowing a little before the end of the semester.

The children's collection will be closed for boxing on APRIL 25. Make sure to borrow any kids' materials that you will need by April 24 at the very latest.

The rest of the physical collections will be closed for moving on MAY 1. Make sure to borrow any books, CDs, DVDs, et cetera no later than April 30.

To make this possible, we'll be happy to renew materials for you over the phone whenever necessary. Please check out anything you anticipate needing for the end of the semester and for finals week before the boxing dates. Faculty, please also borrow anything you expect to need for the beginning of the summer. We hope to have the collection available with a minimum of downtime, but we are unsure exactly how long it will take for the new shelving area to be available.

We realize that this is going to be a significant inconvenience and we are trying hard to minimize the disruption as much as possible. With all changes come some growing pains, so please grin and bear them with us as we take these necessary steps to a shiny new learning commons for the coming year.

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