Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Reads: Target Africa

Friday, Friday! For this week's Friday Reads, Serials Librarian Judith Koveleskie tells us about a new book in the library collection-- Target Africa: Ideological Neocolonialism in the Twenty-First Century.

Judith Koveleskie with Target Africa

"Target Africa: Ideological Neocolonialism in the Twenty-First Century is a new book by Obianuju Edeocha, a Nigerian woman who is the founder of Culture of Life Africa, an initiative dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Gospel of Life in Africa through the dissemination of good information, sensitization and education.  After following her on Twitter, @obianuju, I couldn’t wait to read her book.  

"Since the end of colonization, Africa has struggled with socio-economic and political problems.   This book reveals the Western influence over Africa that is rarely talked about.  It tells the story of foreign aid with strings attached; the story of Africa targeted and recolonized by wealthy donors.  Many wealthy individuals and NGO’s are promoting their own solutions to Africa’s problems, rather than listening to and valuing the opinions and culture of the people they seek to help.

"She says, 'Like many of the Africans in the 1950’s who longed for independence from their colonial masters, I long for independence from our twenty-first-century neocolonial masters so that Africans can rule themselves in a manner that befits their values and aspirations.'”

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