Thursday, March 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday: A Century of Basketball

To celebrate March Madness, today’s Throwback Thursday takes a look at the Seton Hill basketball teams over the decades.

The school’s athletic teams weren’t always known as the Griffins; here’s a shot of the 1915 Alerts:

I’m wondering how our women’s basketball team would like to take to the court in those outfits today. They look a little… warm.

By 1960, the range of motion in the uniforms seems to have improved significantly, and we can see the old Sullivan gym in use:

The ‘89 team posed in street clothes.

And by 1998, things are looking much more familiar-- though we still didn’t have McKenna yet!

Good luck to you and your brackets.

Coaches’ and players’ names were not noted in the Archives’ files; if you recognize anyone, let us know!

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