Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Winter fun on the Hill

Seton Hill students have always taken advantage of prime opportunities to participate in winter sports. While these days you might be more likely to buy some Seven Springs vouchers and head up to the mountains, SHC students in years past kept their winter activities closer to home.

These girls went tobogganing in 1940:

The pond that used to be at the bottom of the front hill was a great spot for ice skating when the weather got and stayed cold enough (1958):

And, perhaps most fun of all, there used to be an actual rope-tow ski lift on the front hill! (This shot’s from about 1963.)

Some still preferred tobogganing, however (1963 again).

And here’s a shot from the 1985 Forward:

All in favor of bringing back the ski lift…?

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  1. The ski lift could also be an alternative way up the Hill if you miss the shuttle !