Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Seniors & hoods

Today we get a peek at the dining hall in the 1940's, and we explore the background of a uniquely Seton Hill tradition that you'll get to see this Saturday at Commencement. 

Meals in Lowe used to be served "family style," as you can see from the table settings. 

For formal events, students were required to wear their academic regalia. Yes, it would have looked even more like Hogwarts in there back in the day with everyone wearing their black robes!

To designate their status, seniors wore their bachelor's hoods at all formal events throughout the year. Even today, Seton Hill graduates from the bachelor's programs are already wearing their hoods at the beginning of Commencement exercises; most colleges and universities have a formal "hooding" for them on stage. SHU only "hoods" its master's recipients. 

Congratulations in advance to all of our graduates! Hazard Yet Forward.

Many thanks, as always, to Bill Black in the SHU Archives for the pictures and the stories. 

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