Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Cutting-Edge Technology

Seton Hill's commitment to cutting-edge technology is nothing new!

Here's the text from the newspaper clipping, dated January 6, 1977:

"RECEIVE NEW OVEN -- Sister of Charity Mildred Corvi, left, and Sister Marie Gribschaw, both of the home economics faculty at Seton Hill College, Greensburg, admire microwave oven donated to the HE department by Robert Sippos, general manager of Excel. Sister Victoria Marie recently served on a consulting panel at a microwave public interest program in Pittsburgh. The new oven will be used in the new Home Economics building at Seton Hill. The college currently offers courses in dietetics, child care, education, consumer economics, social science, food service management and fashion merchandising." 

Sister Victoria Marie remembers this about the occasion:

"The microwave was a gift that Sister Mary Schmidt gave approval to accept. It was given because one of our alums knew I was teaching Household Equipment and we did not have a microwave oven in the department. I was asked to attend a meeting of women working in the electrical industry and Seton Hill was one of the first colleges/universities in PA with a microwave oven."

Griffin Technology Advantage, indeed.

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