Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What do we do all summer?

Summer is project time for the library staff! The whole campus slows down and gives those of us who remain behind a chance to tackle some of our more detail-oriented or extensive projects.

You'll find Mrs. Koveleskie attending a lot of webinars about configuring and launching a new search tool that we hope to unveil in August (stay tuned!).

I'm reviewing and polishing LibGuides and lesson plans, evaluating how we crunch instruction statistics, and drafting new videos to help explain some thorny information concepts.

One BIG part of the summer rhythm at the library is the annual inventory of our print collection.

If you've been down to the O'Hara Room recently, you may have seen these signs or heard the beeps of the scanner. 

Each book on the shelf is scanned and checked against a computer list of which books are supposed to be where. This is how we locate those pesky mis-shelved things and get them back to their rightful locations. It also gives us a chance to catch books that are in poor physical condition and make sure they get a trip to the book hospital (Mrs. Ciarochi's desk). 

Making sure that the books on the shelf will match the catalog you see on your iPad screen is still a vital part of running the library!

We'll eventually work our way back to the stacks behind The Reading Room, making O'Hara the quieter space, but it'll take a while for us to get there. We still have thousands upon thousands of books in print!

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