Thursday, March 12, 2015

New trial resource!

The library has a trial of an exciting new resource, and we encourage you to give it a test-drive. The Browzine app for the iPad should make it much easier and more intuitive to access our digital journal collections. You can search for a specific title or discipline, or browse by subject area. (For a quick video demonstration, visit the developer's website.)

Each journal title shows the issues we have available and makes it easy to jump straight to the issue selected.

Viewing and using the PDF files is also easy and intuitive. You can email, download, or save your favorite articles.

Best of all, you can add your favorite journal titles to your own bookshelf so you receive unobtrusive notifications whenever there are new articles published, making it easy to stay abreast of the crucial work being done in your field. 

If you go to the App Store and search for Browzine, you can download it and then say that you're affiliated with Seton Hill. Your login info is the same as for Griffin's Lair.

Our trial is for about a month; after the trial period, the app will still let you access lots of open-source journals, just not our subscription content. But please do try this out and let us know if you like it-- we think you will!

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