Tuesday, May 1, 2012

App-Tastic Tuesday: Gaze HD

Finals are next week. Are you stressing a bit?

This app won't get your projects done any faster, but it might help you relax for a few minutes.

Gaze is a free app that puts beautiful HD scenes on your iPad. There are four different Gaze apps, and each one comes in a free version. Beautiful Views (icon pictured) and Fires and More can also be upgraded to show additional scenes for a couple of bucks.

The waterfalls cascade, the waves crash, the fire crackles, or the cherry blossoms tumble, with or without sound, and you can set the app to stay on your favorite scene or to shuffle through them all.

When I'm not using my iPad, I set up a Gaze scene and prop it beside my computer monitor with a radio app playing in the background. On dreary days, it's like a window to somewhere pretty.

Visit their website or find them in the App Store.
And, of course, don't forget to download the Reeves Library app! 

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